Wider Tires, Better Traction, RollYourFender!

Fender Roller / Fender Rolling


Automotive enthusiasts commonly upgrade to wider wheels/tires for both looks and handling. The fender may not have enough clearance to accommodate the extra width which then results in rubbing/slicing issue.

Fender Rolling is an easy solution to gain few millimeters of clearance needed that will eliminate the rubbing issue.

Fender Roller Spec

Forming arm adjustment: 14" - 22.75"

Regular adapter: 4 or 5 lugs X (72.5 - 120mm PCD)

Truck Adapter: 5 or 6 lugs w/ max of 4.25"(107.95mm) centerbore.

Porsche Adapter: 5 lugs X 130mm PCD (tested on 928S).

May not fit vehicles w/ PCD more than 120mm.

For Porsche vehicle w/ 5 lugs, please specify that you need Porsche adapter in the email/Paypal pmt. Currently I do not have 4 X 130 Porsche adapter.

Please consult your owner's manual for PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) specification.


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