Wheels / Tires Related Info Links

Tire Size Comparison (OEM Vs. Your Setup)

Going wider Tires w/ larger diameter wheels? Or maybe just trying to get wider tires to replace the OEM size? Compare your OEM size spec Vs your desired setup w/ the following links:




One thing to keep in mind, different manufacturers may have wider/narrower section width /contact patch. So you can't just think that 245 from Bridgestone will have the same actual width as 245 from Kumho or Good Year.

Wheels Offset Calculator (OEM Vs. Your Setup)

Don't just buy a set of wheels w/o knowing whether the offset is within "reasonable" correct for your car. Too much different on OEM offset Vs. after market wheels offset will cause wheel bearing problem in the long run. Exception applies to those who change to smaller offset to obtain wider tracking for their race/track cars. Check the offset here:


Wheels/Tires Other Tech Info

The following sites have many good information to add to your existing knowledge about wheels / tires.

Tire Sidewall Marking Info
http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/ ?techid=33

Wheel Weight Specs

Bent your wheels?

You can have professional fix for you. Usually local tires company does work w/ one to fix your wheel. Just in case you live in remote area then check out:


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